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Over the years I’ve done hundreds of paintings of dogs (and some cats as well). Having been a hunter for many years, I started by painting dogs that belonged to my hunting buddies, mostly Labs of course, but I began to get commissions to paint other breeds. I also painted my own dogs, and often times when people would visit my studio they would see my dog paintings and ask me about painting their dogs. I’ve painted big, tough Chessies and tiny little terriers and everything in between. I often get e-mails and letters from people whose dogs I painted, in some cases 25 or 30 years ago, and they tell me they look at those paintings every day, and always with a smile. They tell me how glad they are that they had me paint “Duke” or “Molly.” Their long-departed best friends are still there, looking very much alive and never getting older. We all have dozens of photos of our dogs. And photos are great, but a painting is special. In many cases they are gifts to a loved one. Can you think of a better gift to a dog-lover? And a better surprise?

If possible, I like to work from my own photos. That way I can acquire an understanding of the dog’s personality, and I can usually capture that in the painting. If the dog is aloof, it shows. On the other hand, if the dog is goofy, that usually shows as well. Sometimes I shoot two photos and that’s all I need; sometimes it takes a lot of photos, especially if the dog is active or nervous. Some dogs are actually camera-shy. I can work from your photos, of course, and quite often we have no choice if the dog has gone to that great kennel in the sky!

If I shoot the photos, I charge $450 + tax ( $31.50 for NC residents) +shipping (usually around $20). If you are local, I’ll deliver it. (I like to do that to see your reaction.) If you shoot (or have shot) the photos, I charge $500 + tax and shipping. The paintings are generally 9 x 12” or sometimes 10 x 10” and they are unframed. You frame them. Before we would proceed, IF I would be working from your photos, I would need to see the photos and I will tell you if I can or can’t work from them. My portraits are “head and shoulder” shots, so usually if the dog’s entire body is in the photo, it’s not good to work from. To get the detail in the painting, I need detail in the photos. Does that make sense? I’m a good painter, but I’m not a magician!

If I am working from your photos, and when we agree that I CAN work from them, I will require a deposit of half the price. When the painting is finished I will send you a high quality photo of the painting and if you are satisfied (Happy, I would hope!), you can send me the balance and I will ship or deliver the painting. If I am delivering it, you can pay the balance when I deliver it.

You can contact me by e-mail @ or call me at (910) 520-7561. I can always send you a photo or two to give you an idea of what I need to work from. The selection of portraits here should also give you a good idea of what I need. Think about it, and let’s talk about it.


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