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Project Description

Bayeux Antiquities

This is another painting that came out of a European trip that Sam and I took in 2013. While Paris was great, really the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the trip was wandering along the back roads of the French countryside. We stayed for several days in Bayeux, Normandy and made day trips to the countryside. We discovered this antique shop with the strange name and I bought Sam a button hook for her collection. The shop front was a classic French blue and a great contrast with the ochre colored stones. There was actually a heavy screen in the windows, and you couldn’t really see what was inside, so I used a little bit of artistic license and made the interior visible from the street. I made up the antiques in the shop, but they were close to what was actually on display. It was our kind of shop; lots of “stuff!”
Sam was an incredible photographer. Unfortunately she passed away in June of 2019 after a long battle with cancer, but many more paintings like this one will come from my studio as a result of her photography. I wrote in her obituary that she is now spending her time with Claude Monet, and letting him know if he is putting too much water on the geraniums. She would have liked this painting. I hope you do as well.

Joe Seme

Original 11 x 14″

Giclee print on canvas
11 x 14”
Edition of 300 S/N
$150 each

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