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Project Description

Eastern Shore Classics

Anyone familiar with my work knows that I’m something of a packrat, and over the years I’ve collected many kinds of antiques, ranging from decoys, old advertising, books and corkscrews to antique toys, and more. My studio is like a museum (Or maybe a junk shop!) Nearly everything I’ve collected has shown up in paintings. Many are here on my website.
Some years ago, I bought a couple of antique oyster cans because I liked the color and I thought they would be great subjects for paintings, especially for shows in Maryland and along the coast. They were, and they are. I still love the color and the occasional funky graphics. My collection sits atop the cabinets in my kitchen. Most of the cans in my collection have shown up in paintings, along with an occasional ‘borrowed’ can or two. There are cans available from many regions of the country, usually coastal regions. The cans in “Eastern Shore Classics” are just that: classic brands from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Much like painting books, oyster cans can be complicated and tedious to paint, but the end results can be a delight to a viewer. People looking at paintings like this one are not initially sure if what they are looking at is a painting or an actual shelf full of colorful old cans, and they often feel compelled to touch the
painting to see if it is real. The light and subtle shadows are what make the cans ‘jump.’ This is a classic ‘trompe l’oeil’ (fool the eye) painting.

Original painting: 14 x 35” $5000.

Giclee prints available: 14 x 35” on mounted canvas.
Edition of 100 Signed/Numbered$350 each, including shipping.

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