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Project Description

Early in my career when I lived in Boone, I probably painted every barn and old mill in the North Carolina mountains, eastern Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Most of these paintings were done from photographs that I shot on rambles that sometimes lasted several days at a time. Living on the coast now for the last 25 years, I sometimes get the itch to go back and paint some barns in the snow. Most of the great barns are gone now, having given way to development, widening of roads, etc.; “progress” in general. But I still have an extensive photo file that I go back to from time to time, and this painting is a kind of trip down memory lane for me. These barns were located on the road between Mountain City and Bristol near Iron Mountain, and were part of a large farm. I probably shot a roll of film on these barns back in the late 1970’s and did several paintings using different views, but this one was always my favorite. The last time I saw these barns, probably 10 years ago, they were neglected and in pretty bad shape, The cupola had caved in, along with most of the roof rafters and siding, and for all I know there may be a convenience store there now.

I have always liked this painting and I am pleased to share it with you now.
Joe Seme


Giclee print on canvas; edition of 300 signed and numbered; size 16 x 30”;
$250 each

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