Sleeping Sandpiper

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Project Description

Sleeping Sandpiper


Over the years I have seen just a handful of sleeping or preening shorebird decoys. Often they were among a rig or group of birds crafted by the same maker for his own use, with each bird in a different position (feeding, running, looking up, etc.) to create the look of an actual flock of birds on the beach. The intent was to make the decoys appear natural and relaxed. They can’t get more relaxed than a sleepy pose.

This sandpiper is my own design and I have made and sold several. Like any hand-carved bird, no two are exactly alike, but the simplicity of the design is a constant. This is another tiny bird, about 5” long, with just enough dings and rubs to give it the look of an old-timer. I carved my signature initials under the tail. A wood stand is included.

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