A Tennis Still Life

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Project Description

A Tennis Still Life

Limited Edition Print
Edition of 450 S/N
Image:  25.5″ x 18.5″
Overall 30.5″ x 22.5″

75 Artist Proofs available with original watercolor remarques.


‘A Tennis Still Life’ is a major sporting still life.   Much like the golf piece, it is sort of a whimsical but realistic look at  tennis.  I wanted it to look like the kind of cabinet a tennis nut might  have in his or her den or office.  Many of the props were loaned to me by  my friend Cliff Drysdale, who was a great tennis player and is now a  well-known tennis commentator.  The rest of the props were found in flea  markets over the years.  All of the books are real except for one.  (Hint:  It’s purple)

In researching this painting I realized that there is a  scarcity of realistic art involving tennis, except for posters and  pictures of specific players or cartoon style caricatures, so I hope to  fill a niche with this painting and I’m hoping it will appeal to tennis  players, tennis lovers, and maybe lovers of tennis players and tennis  lovers.  It was a fun painting to do and I hope I can share it with you  now.

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