New Year’s Day

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Project Description

New Year’s Day

Limited Edition Print
Edition of 950 S/N
Image: 10″ x 20″
Overall: 14″ x 24″

50 Artist Proofs available with original watercolor remarques.

I had just finished several large sporting still life paintings and I needed to get back outside again. I had just delivered a painting to a client in Pennsylvania and, as usual, I was taking as many back roads as I could – always looking for subject matter. I have found great old barns and mills that way.

These barns were on an icy country road in Chester County. We don’t have barns like these here in North Carolina, and these were too great to pass up. The textures and colors contrasted with the snow and the cold blue sky; the geese were an added touch. This painting is a return of sorts to the days when I painted mostly barns and old buildings. It felt good to go back again.

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