May Day

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Project Description

May Day

Limited Edition Print
Edition of 950 S/N
Image: 20″ x 27″
Overall: 25″ x 31″

75 Artist Proofs available with original watercolor remarques.

Spring comes slowly to the mountains. When people are golfing here on the coast and boats are back in the water, there might be sleet or snow in the mountains. When the snow finally melts in April (often late April), the yellow daffodils pop through the damp ground. Often they must battle late snows for their survival. Next to appear is the forsythia around the old farms and fences and country churches. When the forsythia blooms, spring is almost “official.”

My home and studio was on a mountainside, overlooking the church pictured here. A narrow road winds its way uphill past a rustic farm, a small pond in a meadow, and then passes the country church which sits on a small knoll. One day, on a spring walk through the woods and meadows near my studio, I approached the church from the back side, down in the woods. The combination of the stark white behind the bright yellow forsythia, framed by a clear blue sky made an instant impression that I had to paint. This is a painting for those who wish winter was a bit shorter, and that May Day might come a bit earlier. With this print you can have May Day all year long.

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