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Project Description

Books and the ‘Ruby Ford

This painting was created for the Waterfowl Festival, the prestigious art show held every year in November in Easton, Maryland. I’ve been part of that show since 1978, and I was honored to be one of the first artists to be inducted into the inaugural class of the Festival Hall of Fame in 1992. I have done many large, detailed still life paintings for the show, using books, decoys, guns, etc. I always tried to do paintings that related to the Eastern Shore, including popular books like “Chesapeake,” “Watermen,” etc.
While the books in “Books and the ‘Ruby Ford’ “ are pretty much self-explanatory, with two ‘possible’ exceptions (one of the books is my own; the other is Cal Ripken’s. Cal is ‘somewhat’ popular in Maryland.). The painting in the center needs a bit of explanation unless you happen to live on the Eastern Shore somewhere around Easton, St. Michaels or Tilghman Island. The ‘Ruby Ford’ is one of the more famous Skipjacks used to harvest oysters under sail in the days before the advent of motorized work boats. I worked from an old photo that I’ve had in my files since the 1970s. The painting took two months to complete.

Original painting: 16 x 30” $8500

Giclee prints are available. 16 x 30” on mounted canvas.
Edition of 100 Signed/Numbered. $350 each, including shipping.

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