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Project Description

Pumpkin Patch

Giclee Print on Mounted Canvas
Edition of 300 S/N
Image: 9″ x 9″

Not too long ago we added a painting called “Eastern Shore Pumpkins” to the website. We got a great response, so we started looking at some other pumpkin paintings that I did (and sold) several years ago. This one, like “Eastern Shore Pumpkins,” was the result of an Autumn back road ramble on the lower Eastern Shore of Virginia on my way to the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland. I walked out into the field and shot enough photos to do several paintings and got back on the road before the farmer took a shot at me!

Sometimes it’s fun to go back and re-visit older paintings, and thanks to the many advances in printing technology, I’m able to share them now.

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