Duck Going Right

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Project Description

Duck Going Right

“Duck Going Right” is a ‘tongue-in cheek’ response to the countless paintings that show up in wildlife and waterfowl art shows. The titles alone will wear you out: “Misty Morning Mallards” (or “pintails,”” bluebills”, etc.); “Early Arrival;” Late Arrival;” “Early Departure;” Late Departure,” “Geese in the Cornfield;”etc.etc. (always ducks or geese arriving or taking off in a marsh or field. And they are usually going left or right!) Don’t get me wrong; many of these are great paintings by very fine artists. But the clichés are endless. It can make your head spin! So I started bringing paintings of antique tin or cast iron ducks or geese in various settings to these shows. Responses were mixed, but most people got the nuance. And they are fun to paint. This is one of my favorites.



Giclée print on mounted canvas
Edition of 300 S/N
Image: 12″ x 9″

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