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Project Description

On a recent ramble around Europe, my wife Sam and I spent a couple of days in Normandy. We rented a car and after visiting the D-Day beaches we got intentionally lost in the countryside. Sam is a great photographer and she shot nearly a thousand photos of old houses, barns and villages. Just outside one of the villages we spotted a stone gate with a sign that said “A Vendre” (For sale), so we drove through the gate to look around. We spent several hours poking around the gorgeous manor house and the stone barns and outbuildings, and taking lots of pictures.

We fantasized about buying the farm and I took a couple of photos of Sam in the doorway of the manor house. We thought it would be fun to tell our friends that we bought it, but then we thought that they all might want to come and visit. Along with that, it was raining as it often does in Normandy, so we didn’t buy the farm. (And if you believe that…)

This is the first of what will be quite a few paintings to come from “our farm” in Normandy.

Joe Seme 2018


Giclee print on canvas
11 x 14”
$150 each

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