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Project Description

I used to spend a lot of time on the Eastern Shore in Maryland and Virginia. Every November, for more than 25 years I exhibited my paintings at The Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland., which was and still is the most prestigious wildlife art show in the country. Back in those days, crossing the Chesapeake Bay via the Bridge Tunnel was like going back in time. The eastern Shore was largely undeveloped; there were few fast food places and unlike now, there were no chain drug stores on every corner in every small town.

Almost every back road off Highway 13 led to either a fishing village or a farming community. I used to love to travel on those back roads and take pictures of oyster boats, old buildings and farms and Canada geese in the fields. I had some great friends on the Eastern Shore, many of whom are gone now, but the memories of hunting trips and early mornings in duck or goose blinds are still strong. On one of my many trips I passed this old farm with hundreds of pumpkins ready for harvest. I shot a lot of pictures and “Eastern Shore Pumpkins” was the result. This painting takes me back to the Eastern Shore. I hope it takes you there as well.

Joe Seme 2018


Giclee print on canvas
18 x 5”
$100 each

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