Bubba Shot A Goose

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Project Description

Bubba Shot A Goose

Giclée print on mounted canvas
Edition of 300 S/N
Image: 14″ x 24″

Everybody knows a Bubba, or at least what Bubba does. He is the guy who shoots at road signs, mail boxes, weathervanes, old cars in the backyard, and especially “No Trespassing” signs. He could be in North Carolina; he could be in Maine. He’s usually not really a bad guy, but his education is usually somewhat lacking, and his idea of fun is different from most of us.

For many years when I was active in Ducks Unlimited and other outdoor organizations and participating in a lot of outdoor oriented shows I did literally hundreds of paintings of decoys, guns, etc.. An art critic once wrote that I was painting for the “Bubba” market, which was somewhat true, except that most of my “Bubbas” are sportsmen who obey the laws and respect the resource. Those “Bubbas” enabled me to keep painting and still enjoy three meals a day.

If you know my work at all, you know that I like to have fun and paint what I like. This piece depicts a classic weathervane made by Elmer Crowell, one of the most famous decoy makers from Cape Cod. It is weathered, but not shot up as I painted it. I think only the worst Bubba would shoot something so beautiful.

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