Centennial Fan

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Project Description

Centennial Fan

This painting came out of my “red, white and blue,” or “patriotic” period. I don’t know why; I just liked it, and it was a perfect subject for a simple but classic Trompe l’oeil (“fool the eye” painting). I first saw it in a collection of antique July 4th celebration memorabilia, so I bought it and I knew it would be a fun painting; fun to paint and fun to look at. This is one of those paintings that people have to touch to satisfy themselves that it isn’t real. Hopefully they haven’t been eating a cheese puff at a show opening when they touch it!

Original acrylic on board

Image: 10″ x 11″, Framed 16″ x 17″


Giclée print on mounted canvas

Image: 10″ x 11″


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